There A Reason Why BIRD WATCHING IN LION COUNTRY Is Still the #1 Top Selling Ebook About Forex Trading on the Internet
For Over 5 Years

Bird Watching In Lion Country
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The Truth,
the Whole Truth
and Nothing but The Truth

If easy-money promises and plug-and-play systems are what keep you in the Forex market, the following will shake your foundations

  • If you are here only for the glamour without the grind, then you are barking up the wrong tree
  • If you aren t interested in the cold hard (and sometimes unpleasant) facts and truth about sustained, profitable Forex trading, then please dont read any further
  • The real truth about Forex trading is that it is a business and to succeed in business you need knowledge and you have to work, and work hard.
  • You need to have a broad perspective on the market and what causes currency prices to move up and down. A one-trick pony method is never going to make you rich. In fact, it will probably cause you to lose more money than you can afford.
  • Once you have a broad perspective about Forex trading as your foundation, then you need to develop a workable, sustainable, and repeatable trading approach. Something cant be sustainable if you don t spend time on it. If something works for a month, you can t accept it will work for every month of the year or for the rest of your life.
  • Bird Watching in Lion Country provides all of the vital things that you will need to be successful in Forex trading. It provides knowledge and the guidelines to a time-tested Forex trading business model that turns conventional wisdom on its head, and that has helped launch new careers, and helped many to turn the corner in their Forex trading.